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Tuesday / May 29, 2018 /

Config snippet – SNMPv3 IOS, ASA

Ziaul / Cisco /

SNMPv3 IOS ! All OID read only ! ip access-list standard MONITORING_SVRS permit x.x.x.x x.x.x.x permit x.x.x.x x.x.x.x deny any log exit ! snmp-server group MONITORING-READ v3 priv ! snmp-server user xxxx MONITORING-READ v3 auth sha ABCDABCD priv aes 128 WXYZWXYZ access MONITORING_SVRS ! end ! Restricted OID read only ! ip access-list standard MONITORING_SVRS […]

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Thursday / Jan 11, 2018 /

Cisco ASA VPN failover & Preempt

Ziaul / ASA, Cisco, VPN /

In a situation where VPN failover feature on same encryption domain and preempt feature is needed, the following solution can be used. This is done using EEM script and supported from IOS 9.2+. Embedded Event Manager (EEM) feature enables debugging problems and provides general purpose logging for troubleshooting. The EEM responds to events in the […]

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Cisco Switch Stack
Monday / Oct 17, 2016 /

Understanding Cisco Switch Stacks

Ziaul / Cisco, Switching /

A switch stack is a set of up to nine supported Catalyst switches connected through their StackWise ports. One of the switches controls the operation of the stack and is called the stack master. The stack master and the other switches in the stack are stack members. The stack members use the Cisco StackWise technology […]

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Friday / Oct 14, 2016 /

Upgrading Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC) & AP firmware via CLI

Ziaul / Cisco, Upgrade, Wireless /

The following upgrade process is applicable for upgrading Cisco WLC & AP via CLI. This has been tested on WLC 5508 model and 2600 series AP but should be the same process for other models. There are few ways to upgrade the WLC & AP but below steps describe how this can be achieved with […]

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Thursday / Oct 06, 2016 /

VLAN range Normal, Extended & Internal

Ziaul / Cisco, Switching /

VLANs are certainly a simple concept, but how and where they are implemented depends on a variety of factors including the numerical range they fall within. There are three different ranges of VLANs: Normal/Standard Extended Internal Normal Range VLANs Normal range VLANs are from 1-1005. Normal range VLANS can be configured in both database configuration […]

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Thursday / Oct 06, 2016 /

Switchport Modes Simplified

Ziaul / Cisco, Switching /

switchport mode trunk Always trunk on this end, and I will send DTP to attempt to negotiate a trunk on the other end.   switchport nonegotiate Do not send or respond to DTP from this end. Disable all DTP on this port.” (Ideal to use on user access ports/ when trunking to non-Cisco switches/ when […]

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